Randa Attalah Takieddine

Randa Attalah Takieddine

In today’s cultural explosion through social media, an artist is highly exposed to so much visual and technical input. This can be overwhelming if it is not studied in a structured manner. The exposure can be intense which then makes creativity and mass media a challenge.

My work and experience exceed 18 years in gallery work, exhibitions, public relations and contacts in the Middle East. It also includes dealing with officials and private sectors in matter of Art, cultural events and projects. I hold Master’s degree in Art.

My natural people’s skills, artist background, dedication, eagerness to be involved in large scale exhibitions and cultural projects should hopefully give me the opportunity to expand art events globally. I am keen on initiating and organising exceptional projects worldwide utilising social media.

As an artist I participated with so many group and solo exhibitions in Lebanon and many countries. My works sold to many collectors, Art deco and fans. Most of my works in modern figurative art are in acrylic and some in oil. Born in Africa influenced by its colourful nature and simplicity enriched my spirit, travelling the world widen up my vision to art as a lifestyle and as an industry. The way we live in peace and in balance with mother nature.

Randa TK