Enric Rubió

Enric Rubió

Even as a child my favourite toys were pencils and brushes. I knew I would become a painter.

My city is located under the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. From abundant nature with constant rains emerges a rich and beautiful landscape that was already captivating for the first Catalan impressionists. Since I was a child and seeing the master landscape painters I knew I was in love with that landscape. My painting reflects that passion for the landscape, the morning lights, the constant search for bucolic corners and the ability to capture the precise moment makes me integrate into that nature.

Lately I have also been looking for that magic moment that our Mediterranean Sea gives us. Sunset and sunrise lights make my walks along beaches and cliffs endless, looking for the place to plant my easel and my paintings.
My work starts from the French impressionists but with a small stain that sometimes becomes a realistic painting with a great richness of colour ranges.

I seek in those lost corners for the spectator to wander calmly and observe that beauty that I myself felt when contemplating that landscape.

Enric Rubio